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Company Profile

02 March 2012


The new office is a group of companies Inditeks, 2500 square meters.


Management Ltd. "Retail Consulting Group" congratulates the Group's staff Inditeks with a move to a new office located in Moscow City, a total area of ​​2500 square meters. meters.

Our company provides a full range of work on the preparation of all sections of the project documentation, and performed the functions of project management.

Objects are deadlines: September 9, 2011 - the beginning of the development of the project design, and January 8, 2012 Customer's office carried out a full relocation, and January 9, 2012 started its functioning. Additional complexity in the project were limited in design and selection of materials coming from the Lessor.

Despite all the restrictions and deadlines, managers of our company managed to hold all the necessary requirements, ensuring the delivery of customized products (materials, equipment, etc.) at the appropriate time, to coordinate the work of the General Contractor (MP "Megaron Unlimited"), as well as working closely with the technical staff of Lessor.

I would also like to note the high professional level of our permanent partner MP "Megaron Unlimited" result-oriented, highly motivated technical staff of the company.

Ilya Grishin