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Scope of Services

Project management

1.    Due Diligence of Premises

  • Tachometric measurement  of premises
  • Gathering information on premises technical status
  • Gathering information on possibility of obtaining secondary power
  • Gathering information on required technical approvals with various competent authorities
  • Checking technical part of Lease Agreements for compliance with actual premise status
  • Obtaining Client’s approval of all possible technical risks arising out of improvement and commissioning works

2.    Preliminary improvements

  • Initial budget calculation and update on all project implementation stages
  • Providing solutions of controversial budget issues
  • Developing preliminary project schedule
  • Obtaining Client’s approval of contractor bidding requirements
  • Bidding arrangements

3.    Project documentation approval

  • Ensuring full scope of approvals from municipal authorities: Interdepartamental Committee, Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, Advertising Security etc.

4.    Conducting project works

  • Obtaining information from suppliers and analyzing terms of sale
  • Obtaining Client’s and Project Architect’s approval of sample materials
  • Supervising order placement and payment thereof by the Client

5.    Contract conclusion

  • Providing consultancy to all Client’s employees regarding contracting project participants with respect to all essential contract conditions
  • Ensuring all subcontractors’ on-site presence

6.    Supervising contractor’s on-site activities

  • Supervising on-site technical and occupational safety
  • Ensuring design supervision and supervision of activities related to performing possible project documentation changes
  • Ensuring quality and deadline compliance by project participants
  • Project budget compliance supervision; arranging for budget revision following changes introduced by a Client
  • Weekly report preparation and its submittance to Client
  • Arranging meetings, including on-site, that may deem necessary in a course of project implementation

7.    Commissioning

  • Arranging and conducting acceptance committees involving  appropriate project participants
  • Preparing a list of deficiencies indicating elimination deadline and persons in charge thereof
  • Supervising deficiency elimination
  • Ensuring preparation and obtaining of all required operating set of documents; reviewing documents for relevance to works done; surrender documents to a Client
  • Coordinating all project participants’ activities during warranty maintenance period

8.    Warranty maintenance

  • Providing follow up consultancy to Client
  • Ensuring General Contractor’s involvement in addressing issues that may arise; adjustments quality follow up